As an innovative recruitment activation, I developed a series of games with Noodle and the band to be discovered within the award-winning Gorillaz AR App. In order to recruit the right candidate, the games tested a variety of digital and coding skills, whilst staying true to the Gorillaz world. If successful, participants would receive a certificate from Noodle and go through to the next round for a number of highly-sought jobs at Land Rover. 
As creative, I developed the concept and art direction and designs for each game. The execution played at the intersection between the Gorillaz glitchy, dark yet colourful universe, and Jaguar Landrover's world of electric cars and technology. These highly visual and technically innovative games lead to a huge response. Reddit was on fire with people sharing clues and helping each other out, creating a community of aspiring Jaguar engineers and user-generated content. In total, 41,000 people from 35 different countries took part and over 500 people cracked the code.
We further scaled the Gorillaz virtual game into a real-life, physical Gorillaz garage at Jaguar Land Rover Tech Fest and across UK universities. 
Jaguar x Gorillaz Challenge trailer:
Gorillaz x Jaguar Recruitment:
Agency: B-Reel

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