Adidas | Allbirds Made To Fit The Planet, Impossible is Nothing
In the spirit of collaboration, adidas & allbirds came together to create their lowest-carbon shoe ever at just 2.94kg Co2. We created a social-first digital campaign to drive credibility for the shoe as a leading choice for eco-conscious runners, create excitement for the pre-launch limited 10,000 pair drop as well as engage and educate our activist-minded audience without sounding preachy. 
The result was a series of social films and animations highlighting the inspiring conversation between two leading change-makers in the sports and zero-waste space. A week-long running challenge between a global team of 15 runners who lived the campaign message of together our small steps add up for a better future. And a number of fun interactive stories that put 2.94 into understandable language. Supportive photography and digital content was also created across .com to highlight the story and performance of the shoe pre and post campaign.
The art direction evolved the warm, human feel true to the first iteration of the Made To Fit The Planet campaign whilst incorporating the natural world in a more abstract, organic form. This direction visually wrapped the social and .com content together.
The campaign ran over a week period in December, selling out the shoe and inspiring thousands of conversations around steps we can all take.

Role: Creative Director/ Art Director
Social Campaign, Influencer activation, Films, Sustainability
Agency: Jam3​​​​​​​

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